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Tongkat Ali: The Natural Viagra?

Tongkat Ali is also known as Longjack, and is a well known aphrodisiac in South East Asia, the root of which has been found effective both as an aphrodisiac and in treating certain sexual problems including failure to achieve an erection. What Viagra does in the west, Longjack does in the east, only cheaper.

The tree is also called Pasak Bumi, and had originally been used for many years as a treatment for malaria, the side effects being accepted but not understood as originating from the malaria medication. Some though that the malaria itself perhaps caused them, and was a long time before the effect of tongkat ali on the testosterone levels in the body was understood.

The name literally means Ali’s walking stick, and is named after the long roots from which it is extracted. The tree itself is about ten metres high, and grows beneath the canopy of the Indonesian rainforests. However, due to a heavy demand for the product, the older trees are increasingly more difficult to find, and most of the herbal preparation is extracted from younger trees. The tree itself is not easy to cultivate outside its natural environment, and is very slow growing.

Unlike many herbal remedies used in Asia, the effects of Tongkat Ali on the libido have been supported by scientific medical evidence, and it has been demonstrated to support the availability of unbound testosterone and to support hormonal balance in general. It had been used for many years to promote sexual desire and sexual ability before the medical evidence was obtained to provide scientific support to what was already known by the indigenous population: that it was effective in improving sexual ability, stamina, and endurance and to reduce mental fatigue in general.

Although it was originally used as a treatment for malaria, Longjack increases the natural production of testosterone in the body and hence improving the male sex drive and also that of women. It is a little known fact that women, too, need testosterone for their sexual impulses. However, it is probably more important from a physiological point of view that testosterone is essential to women in that it increases the metabolic rate and accelerates the burning and elimination of fats, and the production of red blood cells and the development of muscle tissue.

As the production of testosterone drops off with age, generally starting after about thirty years, bodybuilders find it increasingly more difficult to maintain a good body shape and muscle shape. They are interested in anything that could feasible maintain or even increase the production of testosterone by the body, and Tongkat Ali does this. To them, the increase in their libido, or sex drive, is a bonus that they will not refuse to take advantage of!

Eurycoma longifolia, the scientific name for the tree, increases the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body. ATP, along with its cousin adenosine diphosphate (ADP), is responsible for the availability of energy for use by the body. It is normally created from ADP and glucose, and an increased availability in the blood can reduce the fatigue caused by its consumption through vigorous exercise. However, if too much ATP is available, the subject can suffer from insomnia and restlessness since there is too much ATP in the body.

The function of the ATP is to provide available energy that can be used by the muscles in exercise. When energy is used up the ATP is converted to ADP, which needs more glucose to reform the ATP. If there is excess ATP, it is like a charged battery within the body, and we become restless until the energy available is used up.

Another benefit of this amazing substance is that it helps the body to increase its own production of sex hormones, rather than simply provide them for it. People who suffer from sexual dysfunction conditions tend to be provided with HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) from their physicians or doctors which involve the introduction of testosterone intravenously. The result of this is that your body recognizes that it has a sufficient supply of testosterone and so stops making it for itself. Eventually your body just stops testosterone production, and relies on the artificial supply it has got used to receiving. Longjack treatment, however, does not provide a supply of testosterone, but stimulates your body to produce its own, which is better for it in the long run.

You should, however, be made aware of the possible side effects or testosterone administration which are insomnia, anxiety and a possible reduction in your immune functions. There are also other possible side effects if you suffer from diabetes, or heart liver or kidney disease, and you should always refer to your doctor before commencing its use. If you start off your treatment with small doses and check out the side effects at each stage, then you will be able to safely find out if these side effects relate to you. If not, then you are all set as long as you obey the advice of your physician.

Another natural product that is recommended as an aphrodisiac is Horny Goat Weed, but when used in combination with Tongkat Ali it appears to have a synergistic effect. Horny Goat Weed is also called Fairy Wings and a number of other alternatives names, and is not one but about 60 different flowering plants found in southern China. It works by increasing the nitric oxide concentration in the body that helps to relax the smooth muscles.

By itself Horny Goat Weed is an effective aphrodisiac, but the combination of its effect in relaxing the penile muscles and the increased testosterone levels promoted by Longjack is extremely powerful, and much more effective in resolve sexual problems in men that either of them alone.

For this reason tongkat ali is frequently sold in combination with horny goat weed. Although not unusual, it is not common to find natural herbs that have such a profound effect on the libido and whose effect is backed up by scientific evidence. Tongkat ali is one of those, and although it is still currently mainly used in Asia, demand for it in the west is rising.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Treat Impotence Condition Effectively Through Viagra

Almost every male has to face impotence problem once in his life. If you are suffering from impotence, you can treat it easily as there are some effective drugs available in the market. Read on to know more about the right drug.

Treat your Impotence Condition Effectively through Viagra

Majority of population among men rank sex at the top of their priority list. So without doubt, sexual problems are bound to be uppermost if any. For most men their vagaries start when they have difficulty in achieving and maintaining erection that obstructs smooth sexual activity. This condition of loss of erection, better known as erectile dysfunction or impotence, is very serious and should be treated effectively. if you have this problem, buy Viagra and you will be able to get rid of this major problem.

There are many impotence treatment drugs available in the market. However, the place that Viagra holds in the market has no replacement. Viagra is the pioneer drug manufactured by pharmaceutical giant company, Pfizer, in 1998. Ever since its launch, ‘buy Viagra’ has become the buzzword among men who suffer from erectile dysfunction condition.

Many clinical trials show positive results in favor of Viagra. It is safe for use in men of all ages apart from few restrictions. If you are taking medications that have nitrates in them like nitroglycerin for chest pain, then you should not buy Viagra. It is not safe to buy Viagra medication especially along with nitrates. This may cause harmful reactions and side effects in the body. Apart from this, Viagra will not harm you if you take it as prescribed by your physician.

You can buy Viagra even if you suffer from other health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, prostate problems, and depression. The medications to treat these problems are not harmful if you take them along with Viagra medication. However, you should inform your doctor about these drugs. The doctor can also update you about the working of Viagra in the body.

Viagra works by regulating blood flow in and out of penis. It acts as a tonic for arteries and veins surrounding penis. The flow of blood relaxes arteries and veins surrounding penis. Due to this smooth passage of blood, erection becomes easy. Viagra helps you to achieve and maintain an erection any time in four hours, which is sufficient for sexual intercourse. However, you need to keep in mind before you buy Viagra that this drug is not an aphrodisiac. It works only when you are sexually stimulated. Viagra will not increase your sex drive. Therefore, it is very important to indulge in foreplay with your partner to get stimulation.

Like all prescription drugs, Viagra also has its share of side effects. Many users of Viagra have complained about side effects such as headache, facial flushing, upset stomach, blurred vision, and sensitivity towards light. However, if you buy Viagra after taking prescription from your doctor, these side effects may be less visible.

Viagra is a temporary cure for your erectile dysfunction condition. It cannot cure impotence permanently. However, you may get your confidence back if you buy Viagra. Even if it is a temporary cure, you can expect to get rid of major psychological conditions that result due to impotence. Just think about anxieties and deep phases of depression when your penis disappoints you in your bedroom. Therefore, there is no reason that you should not buy Viagra.


Monday, March 3, 2008

A Comparsion Between Viagra, Cialis, And Levitra

It is hard to turn on the television today without hearing about Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. There are literally thousands of websites on the internet that sell these products. Most individuals don't really know exactly what these drugs accomplish. They sound like ancient Greek mythological characters. So what exactly are these drugs and what exactly do they specifically do for men? Let's explore each one individually.

First, let's take a closer look at Viagra. Viagra is the commercial brand name for Sildenafil Citrate, which is for treating erectile dysfunction in adult males. It was first developed to treat angina, or heart disease, by the Pfizer pharmaceutical company. However, after clinical studies, it was noticed that drug actually enhanced erections in men. The drug was patented in 1996, and subsequently approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) on March 27th, 1998. This was actually the first erectile dysfunction drug in pill form, to be approved by the FDA. It is only available by prescription from a doctor.

Viagra works by releasing nitric oxide in the corpus cavernosum. This activates the enzyme guanylate cyclase, which results in greater levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate. This in turn results in muscle relaxation in the corpus cavernosum, which increases the flow of blood into the penis. This drug only works, however, if there is sexual stimulation and an increase in levels of guanosine monophosphate. It works in about thirty minutes and lasts for up to four hours.

Cialis was first introduced in February of 2003. Cialis is the commercial brand name for Tadalafil. This drug was developed to also treat impotence, or erectile dysfunction. It was approved by the FDA on November 21st, 2003. It is marketed by Lilly ICOS, which is a joint venture between Eli Lilly and Company and ICOS Corporation. This drug comes in a pill form, and is taken orally. It is only available by prescription from a doctor.

Just like Viagra, Cialis works by increasing the effects of chemicals in the body that are normally released into the penis during sexual arousal. That in turn, increases blood flow to the penis, which results in an longer and harder erection during sexual stimulation. It works in about thirty minutes and lasts for up to thirty six hours.

Finally, let's take a closer look at Levitra. Levitra is really the commercial brand name for Vardenafil HCI. It is marketed by the Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation. It was first introduced in 2003, and was approved by the FDA in September 2003. It is only available by prescription from a doctor.

Like Viagra and Cialis, Levitra works by increasing the effects of chemicals in the body that are normally released into the penis during sexual arousal. The big difference between these drugs is that one can take a substantially smaller dosage of Levitra and Cialis. The maximum dosage for Viagra is 100mg, while it is 20mg for Cialis, and Levitra. Levitra works in about twenty-five minutes and lasts for up to twenty four hours.

So there you have it. Viagra works in thirty minutes and lasts up to four hours. Cialis works in thirty minutes and lasts up to thirty-six hours. Levitra works in twenty-five minutes and lasts up to twenty four hours. So no matter which drug you choose, they all work in about the same way, the only difference is the dosage, the time it takes for the drug to work, and the amount of time that the drug's effects last.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Viagra vs. Levitra – Which one is for You?

If you happen to be dealing with erectile dysfunction, you may find it difficult to choose which medication is the right one for you. Some of the most popular choices that are available today include Viagra and Levitra. While both of these medications cost just about the same amount of money and they work in almost the same exact way, not everyone is convinced that Viagra is the better of the two. In fact, many people actually feel that Levitra is the better choice. Many men are beginning to buy Levitra to help deal with their erectile dysfunction problems. So, lets take a closer look at Levitra and why it is such a better choice that Viagra is for treating erectile dysfunction.

Great for Diabetics
One of the main reasons that you may want to buy Levitra instead of going with Viagra, is that this medication is such a great idea for diabetes. There are many men who have diabetes who have found that Viagra does not work well for them; however, Levitra seems to do a great job for men who are dealing with diabetes. In fact, more than half of men that have problems with Viagra have found that Levitra really does work for them. So, if you happen to have diabetes, you may want to buy Levitra instead of Viagra for the best possible effects.

Take After Meals
Another great benefit you’ll experience if you choose to buy Levitra instead of Viagra is that you can actually take Levitra after you eat. If you take Viagra, you are told not to take it if you have a stomach that is full. You will find that Levitra is not very sensitive to alcohol and food, so you don’t have to try and schedule the romance in your life around when you eat. However, if you eat a meal that has a lot of fat in it, it can make Levitra take a lot longer to start working for you. So, if you want a bit more flexibility, you may want to buy Levitra for your erectile dysfunction needs.

Fewer Side Effects
If you take a close look at both Levitra and Viagra, you will find that many of the side effects they have are the same. However, if you take Levitra, you will find that you don’t have to deal with the vision problems that Viagra can cause. Men that take Viagra often deal with vision that is tinted and other slight vision problems. When you take Levitra, you will not have to worry about having this vision side effect to deal with.

It Works Faster
You will also find that Levitra works a lot faster than Viagra does, which is another great reason to buy Levitra instead of Viagra. It can take up to an hour for Viagra to work and help a man have an erection. On the other hand, if you take Levitra, you will find that it works much faster; in fact, it can work in as little as just 20 minutes. While both medications will probably last for about three to five hours, it is helpful to have a medication that will work quickly. Just remember when you take Levitra, it will take a bit longer to work if you have just eaten quite a bit of fatty food before you take it.

It can definitely be difficult to make a choice on which medication is the best one for you when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. Sure, Viagra does do a decent job for many people; however, there are so many benefits to going with Levitra instead. As we have noted, if you buy Levitra you will find that there are many great advantages, including taking it with food or without food, it helps even men who are dealing with diabetic problems, and it also works a lot faster. There are fewer side effects to worry about as well, which is another great reason to buy Levitra instead. So, now that you have decided that Levitra is the best choice for you, you may want to consider where you want to purchase the drug.

Once you decide to buy Levitra, then you need to start thinking about where you want to buy Levitra. Of course probably the best option for you is going to be going online and finding a good online pharmacy that will provide you with the Levitra that you need. However, when you do decide to buy Levitra online, you need to make sure that you are buying from a reputable pharmacy. Be sure to check out the reputation of the pharmacy and make sure that they are not a scam. Also, make sure that the payment pages are secure, so you don’t have to worry about someone else stealing your personal and financial information.

Buying Levitra online is an excellent idea. You will be able to have the drug delivered right to your door and you can do all the ordering in the privacy of your own home. Also, you’ll find that Levitra is a lot cheaper online, which will save you a huge amount of money. So, as you can see, it is definitely a great choice to buy Levitra, and when you are ready to make your purchase, you’ll want to get online to find an excellent pharmacy that will provide you with the drug you need at a great price.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Herbal Viagra: Achieve Vigor and Vitality

There are many problems that can cause erectile dysfunction (Impotence) like physical psychological or amalgamation of both. Whatever the reason behind the cause of ED, but one thing is sure it can devastate your sexual life in every possible way. Thus, to restore your sexual relation, treat your ED with herbal Viagra.

The name Herbal Viagra is taken from the brand name Viagra, the name under which drug company Pfizer sells Sildenafil citrate, a drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Plus, it contains no synthetic chemical or hormones aim for promoting sexual performance, rigidity, duration as well as enhancing sexual pleasure. It is a name that can be given to any herbal product advertised as treating erectile dysfunction.

Furthermore, Herbal Viagra, contrary to what the name suggests, do not normally contain Sildenafil Citrate. Herbal Viagra has a great safety track record and proven effects. Two herbal Viagra tablets can be taken at least 5 to 10 minutes before sexual activity, where in the results will start occurring in 10 to 30 minutes with its effect lasting for hours. This pill has the best effect when it is taken on a daily basis. Besides that Viagra has become a generic term for many people discussing drugs designed to treat erectile dysfunction.

Because of having a completely natural product and containing amino acids and plant extracts, herbal Viagra product helps in boosting the sexual performance as well as give hard rock erection in a man. And the intake of Herbal Viagra — after consulting with doctor — can be taken by all ages of men, who suffer from erectile problems, who find it hard to achieve a proper erection or inability to do the same.

On the other hand, several supplements also had herbal ingredients known to cause serious side effects including anxiety attacks, flushing and kidney problems. Even herbal Viagra, can carry some side effects; primarily they can cause abnormally low blood pressure and can restrict blood flow to vital organs. There is also evidence to suggest some preparations may be toxic if taken larger doses.

Besides that, long-term use of any supplements containing steroid like ingredients should be avoided: These can actually cause problems rather than cure sexual dysfunction in the long term and also weaken the immune system. You know occasional erectile dysfunction is a common problem, particularly as men age. Medication won't make you feel like you're 20 again, but it can help you achieve satisfying sexual relations more often. Be willing to work with your doctor to find which medication and dosage is best for you.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Selling Generic Viagra Online: More Spam, Anyone?

If you’re like most email users, your inbox is regularly inundated with generic Viagra messages bearing subject lines like: “Shirley Evans! Add 2 inches to your p*nis with discount V*agra!”

“Ejaculate like a porn star, real Viagra” or some such nonsense.

This type of spam has become so bad that the Pfizer Viagra website now hosts a page of information warning visitors about fake generic Viagra and discount Viagra.

FACT: There is no such thing as generic Viagra, since Pfizer still holds the patent on the drug for a few more years.

So if you get emails or see ads that promote either generic Viagra or discount Viagra or cheap Viagra, you’re looking at a fake, illegal product. It isn’t an alternative to Viagra, isn’t FDA approved, isn’t manufactured and dispensed in the US, and isn’t safe to take.

How to Recognize Fake Generic Viagra

Hopefully, you’ll never actually purchase fake discount Viagra. But if you do come across it, here’s what to watch for:

* Fake pills may look different. They may be the wrong size, shape or color. Real Viagra pills are diamond shaped and blue, with the word “Pfizer” on one side and the dosage on the other.

* Real Pfizer Viagra does not come in soft tabs nor are the pills dissolvable.

* Real Pfizer Viagra pills are not scored in the middle and are not meant to be cut in half.

* Real Pfizer Viagra comes only in hard, unscored tablets of 25mg, 50mg, or 100mg.

Generic Viagra Spam

The best clue that you’re being sold illegal generic Viagra is also the easiest one to spot. If you get an email you didn’t ask for from someone you don’t know trying to sell you Viagra, it’s spam. And that’s a good indicator they aren’t pushing genuine Pfizer Viagra.

Respectable online and offline pharmacies only communicate with customers who want to hear from them… people who have signed up at their website or made contact directly with the company.

Price is another good clue. Generic Viagra is often sold at a few dollars a tablet. Pfizer Viagra is more costly because years of research went into developing it, the product works and you can trust it not to harm you if taken correctly. Not so with the “discount Viagra” being plugged online. Generic Viagra Websites

If you do a Google search on “generic Viagra”, the search engine will return some 3 million results pages. Visit a few of them and you’ll notice slick designs and fancy graphics that make the sites appear legitimate.

But look closer. Read the copy. You’ll find it rife with sloppy, convoluted language, spelling and grammar mistakes, and falsehoods. Example:

“Best thing about generic viagra is that everything right from chemical proposition, effect, and the way this tablet is use is same as stated in Brand Viagra.” A Word About Discount Viagra of The Herbal Sort

Another common myth doing the rounds is that there is a herbal Viagra that treats impotence. In fact, there are many herbal aphrodisiacs (such as yohimbe) that are supposed to help turn you on. But there simply is no herbal product that does what Viagra does for men.

So, in the new Wild West known as the Internet, it pays to keep alert and skeptical about drug claims (and prices) that seem too good to be true. When it comes to generic Viagra, they always are.

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Five Things to Remember Before You Order Viagra Online

Getting Viagra online is the easiest thing nowadays with more and more online pharmacies and clinics mushrooming all the time. However, not all these sources are safe and not all Viagra pills sold over the Internet are genuine and branded. Therefore, here is more about getting genuine Viagra in the UK without being duped.

i. Genuine Viagra pill

This is the most important thing to remember when you buy Viagra in the UK. Viagra pills are blue, diamond shaped pills with dosage strength written on the front and Pfizer written on the back and VGR.

ii. Never place your money before health

You might come across very cheap Viagra pills while surfing the net. You would not believe your luck and would order Viagra online that very moment. There might be or might not be an incomplete sort of medical questionnaire, which you would fill in a slipshod manner.

When your Viagra pills will arrive, you might see half broken and crushed or at worst fake Viagra pills and you would sit lamenting not knowing whom to blame. Well, certainly it is you to be blamed. Never put your health at risk to save few pounds. You might be inviting a host of health problems and blindness, permanent penile damage, and heart attack are just to name a few.

iii. Bit of online research will not hurt you

If you are naïve, busy or just plain lazy and have soccer match to be watched in 20 minutes, you would Google around with the phrase 'buy Viagra online UK' and the very first website you see would be the place from where you obtain Viagra online.

It is very much possible that you might have paid more for Viagra pills or might have given your personal and credit card information in wrong hands. There are many other dangerous possibilities. The point to be made here is that online research is very necessary before you buy Viagra online. Price comparison, quality check, and checking credentials of the website from which you buy Viagra in the UK are some things for which you have to spend some time.

iv. Do not skip consultation process

No matter how dreary it seems, never skip consultation process. There might be some websites, which might help you skip rules and regulations and directly allow you to buy Viagra in the UK. However, this is not only illegal but also very dangerous. These sources are selling Viagra pills illegally and hence there is no saying if they are selling genuine Viagra pills also.

So always, keep in mind to skip the websites that skip consultation process. After all, it is a matter of your own life and health.

v. International pharmacies and sources

Many websites offer Viagra in the UK but actually operate internationally. These websites might get Viagra pills from third world countries and offer fake or genuine Viagra in the UK under the guise of original and branded Pfizer's Viagra pills. Moreover, it would take more than normal period to get your Viagra in the UK as they might be sending Viagra from some faraway corner of the world.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

China-made 'supplements' contain Viagra: US regulator

THE US drug safety watchdog warned on Monday on its website that several China-made 'dietary supplements' contain the active ingredient found in Viagra, and could be harmful to consumers.

'The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to buy or use Super Shangai, Strong Testis, Shangai Ultra, Shangai Ultra X, Lady Shangai, and Shangai Regular, also marketed as Shangai Chaojimengnan, products,' the FDA said in a statement.

'These products, which originate in China, are being marketed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and for sexual enhancement,' the statement said.

None of the product labels mention that they contain sildenafil, the active drug in Viagra, or a similar compound, it said.

'The undeclared ingredients in these products may interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs and can lower blood pressure to dangerous levels,' the statement warned.

Particularly at risk are sufferers of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease.

'Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men with these medical conditions,' the FDA statement said.

'Because they may have been advised against taking erectile dysfunction drugs, they may seek out products like these because they are marketed as 'all natural' or as not containing the active ingredients in approved drugs.' The products, which were distributed in the United States by a company based in Puerto Rico, have not been approved by the FDA and are illegal.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Factors that Affect Erectile Dysfunction – Viagra as a Cure

If you are suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction, you need to know that you are not the only one. In fact, believe it or not, there are actually more than 30 million people all over the world that are dealing with either impotence or erectile dysfunction. When handling the common problem, erectile dysfunction, there needs to be a deeper approach that will help conquer the problem, and Viagra is the answer to this problem for many men. For most men, when they think about problems with impotence or erectile dysfunction, the first name that comes to mind is Viagra.

There have been a variety of different studies that have been done on sexual health in men and many of them have been concluded with solutions that are fruitful. One of the fruitful solutions to erectile dysfunction problems is Viagra. However, before you start on any kind of a drug, you should know more about the problem you have and the causes of that problem. Today Viagra is still known as a wonder drug that can wonderfully treat erectile dysfunction. It is important that you understand more about your erectile dysfunction before you begin taking Viagra. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, there are a variety of different factors that can cause it – both external factors as well as internal factors. So, let’s take a look at both categories of factors when it comes to erectile dysfunction.

The External Factors
First of all, you will find that there are a variety of different external factors that can affect erectile dysfunction. The following are a few to consider.

1. Smoking – Yes, smoking can actually be an external factor that affects erectile dysfunction. Men who smoke can end up with blood flow problems to the penis, so you may want to quit smoking if you want to help correct your problem.
2. Alcoholism – Alcoholism can also affect erectile dysfunction
3. Addiction to Drugs – There are some drugs that can cause addiction and some of those drugs can end up causing erectile dysfunction as well.
4. Prescription Drugs – A variety of drugs that are taken for stress and for blood pressure that can end up causing impotence and erectile dysfunction in men too.

The Internal Factors
A variety of internal factors within the body exist as well that may be causing you to have erectile dysfunction problems. The following are a few internal factors that may be causing impotence or erectile dysfunction.

1. Diabetes – Believe it or not many of the cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by diabetes.
2. Hormonal Imbalances – If you have an imbalance in your hormones this may be causing erectile dysfunction. Many people deal with some type of an imbalance at some point in their life, but in some cases it may not go back to normal, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.
3. Never Disorders – There are several nerve disorders, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease that are neurological impairments that can actually damage nerve endings that are in the penis. Once the nerves are damaged it can lead to erectile dysfunction as well.
4. Anxiety and Stress – If you have a lot of anxiety or stress in your life, it can cause impotence and erectile dysfunction in men. These are considered to be psychological disorders, which is why so many men actually ignore these factors and do not seriously take them into consideration.

Viagra as a Cure
No matter what factors may be the cause of your problems with erectile dysfunction, Viagra can help as a cure. You don’t have to worry about dealing with erectile dysfunction and impotence on a regular basis because Viagra can help to cure the problems that you are having. Viagra is a prescription drug and you can buy Viagra from a pharmacy or at an online pharmacy. Many people have already found that Viagra can provide relief from this frustrating problem. However, you should never take Viagra if you have not first consulted with your doctor and received a prescription from him. Also, there are some side effects as well as some precautions that you’ll need to keep in mind when you are taking a drug like Viagra.

When you deal with impotence or erectile dysfunction on a regular basis, not only can it be frustrating for you, but it can be frustrating to your partner as well. Many people who are in a committed relationship are looking for a way that they can improve their sex life and Viagra can provide an answer to this problem. While erectile dysfunction used to be a problem that people did not talk about, now more and more people are beginning to talk about it openly, since new drugs like Viagra have been brought to light. Now if you want to improve your sexual relationship with your partner you have the option to buy Viagra so you can enjoy a better and longer lasting erection that will leave both of you satisfied.

Viagra is a relatively easy drug to find, and one of the best places to buy Viagra is online. All you have to do is simply get online and find a quality online pharmacy and you’ll be on your way. You’ll need to have the prescription ready so you can email or fax it to the pharmacy. When you buy Viagra online you’ll be able to quickly and easily have it delivered right to your door. Also, when you go online to buy Viagra you can get a much better deal on the drug too. Viagra is a drug that is quite expensive, so it is worth your while to go online to buy Viagra, since you’ll be able to save so much money. Sure, you’ll have to pay for the shipping, but more than likely you’ll still come out ahead when you buy Viagra online. So, why not go online today and buy Viagra so you can get on your way to better sexual health.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Viagra- Optimum Preparation to Cuddle Women

As we age, our body undergoes a glut of change. These changes also have bearing on our ability to maintain hearty sexual intimacy with opposite sex. Erectile dysfunction is one such prominent change or disorder which haunts most men’s sexual health as they grow old. Men need enhanced sexual stimulation and more time in-between erections once they get old. These alterations eventually result in impotence.

Resulted by both physical and physiological factors, erectile dysfunction is no longer associated with aged men. Young men are also not far from its upshots. While psychological impotence can be cured devoid of any medications, erectile dysfunction caused by physical factors requires proper application of optimal impotence-healing drugs such as Viagra.

Duly approved by the FDA in 1998, Viagra is the first premium oral preparation outlined for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In addition to alleviation of erectile dysfunction, Viagra can also make men more loving and caring partners, according to a novel study. Researchers have noticed that the prodigious blue pill augments the fabrication of a love hormone oxytocin in a man’s brain, which is known to have a vital role in the promotion of romantic feelings and bonding between sexual partners. The cuddle chemical is librated while orgasm and also contributes notably to social interaction, breastfeeding and childbirth.

Conducted by scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the U.S., the latest study has raised the likelihood that Viagra can be utilized to improve sexual bonding, in addition to erectile dysfunction treatment.

The qualified Ed drug treats male impotence by enhancing the penile blood flow for the seamless attainment and maintenance of an erection. But it does not work without proper sexual stimulation. The same notion is applicable in case of oxytocin. Viagra can not stimulate the liberation of oxytocin; it can only enhance the amount of oxytocin released.

So, men will be able to woo their women not only with enhanced sexual potency, but also with more affection.

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