Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beware adverts for The Original Blue Pill!

There are adverts appearing in all the national press, about the 'Blue Pill', which to many men, means cheap Viagra!

'The Original Blue Pill', as described in these adverts, gives you the impression that you might be getting the drug 'Viagra', which indeed is a blue pill, that is licensed for use in men with erectile dysfuction, ie the inability to get a penile erection satisfactory enough (hard enough) to enjoy sex and achieve sexual orgasm. However, don't fall into the trap of buying this 'Blue Pill'.

First of all - no claims are made that it is a 'Viagra-type' pill, sure enough they say its the 'Original Blue Pill' so what does that mean - nothing! Next it is shown to be a triangular tablet - Viagra is not triangular - it's diamond-shaped! Finally, the advert makes no claims whatsoever - it doesn't say what the tablet is for or what it does. This advert plays only on your knowledge that there is a blue tablet out there that can help men with impotence - the inability to get an erection. This blue tablet has no scientific evidence to prove that it works in these treatment araes.

The advert is very clever and deceiving, it doesn't even mention impotence or even hint at what the 'Blue Pill' contains. In fact, what does it contain? I only hope it contains nothing more than simple sugar.

I just can't believe that companies can get away with this sort of advertising. Many men who feel embarrassed about their impotence problem, will have heard about 'the blue pills' (Viagra) and will foolishly send off their £6 for 10 tablets and experience nothing. Will they then fight to get their money back - I think not!!

Viagra is a 'prescription only medicine' that can only be prescribed by a doctor to a patient who he feels warrants this treatment. The doctor will not prescribe Viagra to any man who has a pre-existing heart condition where sexual activityis inadvisable, or where other conditions such as liver disease, recent stroke, heart attack or low blood pressure has been present. In fact, there are a lot of restrictions on the use of Viagra, and that's why it should only be prescribed by a practising doctor - who knows your medical history.

Never buy Viagra or any other prescription drug from the internet. Always talk to your GP first, or even drop me a line here and I'll see if i can give you some independent advice. I will soon be setting up an evening surgery, once a week, here on site, to try and answer your medical questions. Come back to the site to find out when my weekly surgery will be up and going. Soon I hope!

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